The resort

An enchanting private bay shaded by olive trees, the sweet scent of flowers, crystal clear waters and breath-taking sunsets….this is Lido Paradiso Resort! Nestled inside the Mediterranean forest of Marina di Pisciotta, the resort has been well established in the Cilento area since 1971. Directly by the sea, Lido Paradiso enjoys a beautiful private beach that lies inside a natural creek for the sole use of the guests of the resort. The tourist complex consists of different types of structures: bungalows with full board treatment, residences equipped with a kitchenette, comfortable apartments, campgrounds for tents and campers. No doubt… a solution for everyone’s needs.

The guests will enjoy an awesome swimming pool, a big shadowed bar that offers delicious appetizers, a restaurant by the sea, hair and beauty salon (by appointment only) and a well-stocked supermarket that provides tobacco and newspapers. A playground with slides and see-saws for your children and an amphitheatre where every night you can enjoy different performances. A pleasant familiar atmosphere will make your holiday unique, a happy place of amusement and relaxation is there waiting for you…